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YOU ARE ABLE TALK TO TWO OR MORE PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME when each person has a receiver and earphone, our wireless interpreter equipment can be used to talk to multiple listeners at the same time



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Quality Interpreter Wireless Communication
Equipment for Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpreting converts verbal communication from one language into another in "real-time" allowing interpreters to isolate the sound of the presenter from other sounds in the room as well as from their own voices while they are interpreting. Simultaneous interpreting enables presentations and discussions to proceed with virtually no pauses or time-lags so the meeting or event is seamlessly conducted as if in the participant's native language. We provide quality interpreter equipment to the public and private sectors, non-profit organizations, and government clients.

Useful applications for our wireless & portable audio equipment used by interpreters

  • Legal & Court of Law Interpreter Equipment
    For added mobility and less distraction in trials; hearings and mediation sessions. Used by interpreters in smaller hearing and courtroom settings, to avoid complaints that the interpreter talking makes it difficult for people to hear each other.

  • International Business Meetings & Negotiations
    Interpreter equipment is used by seminar, board meeting and conference interpreters.

  • Multi-Lingual Tour Guides, Trade Shows & Press Conferences Use Wireless Interpreter Equipment
    Portable interpreter equipment is easy to carry, set up and use.

  • Interpreter Equipment for Education & Training Seminars, Conventions, Exhibits & Workshops
    We offer 16-channel UHF interpreter transmitters and receivers. These allow transmission to 16 different listeners at the same time (using a transmitter and receiver for each speaker and listener) without interfering with each other. The  16-channel UHF interpreter transmitters units operate in much higher frequencies (UHF), which provide better range and quality of sound.

  • Multiple Channel Interpreter Equipment Superior
    Single-channel transmitters and receivers operate in only one frequency which can create a situation where interpreters transmitting in the same frequency in the same building can interfere with each other's transmission. For large courts or conferences who utilize the services of several interpreters at the same, multiple-channel equipment is preferred.  We offer three-channel equipment in the frequencies of 192-194 MHZ, which permit up to 3 interpreters to use wireless equipment in the same building, even in the same room, without interference. In addition, single-channel equipment is offered in 13 different frequencies, from 72 to 78 MHZ.

  • Our Interpreter Equipment is Easy to Set Up
    insert 2 AAA batteries into each unit, turn on both transmitter and receiver, plug in both microphone and earphones, instruct your listeners to place the earphones in their ears, and adjust the volume on both machines until a satisfactory hearing level has been reached. (Use same procedure when setting up other multi-channel transmitters and receivers, making sure that the switches on both machines are tuned in to the same channel, (either 1, 2, or 3).

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Interpreters Conference
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Our Customer Comments

"Started a trial with my new equipment today. It is such a step up from our old Radio Shack equipment for the hard of hearing, that I had to hold until my hand went to sleep. This stuff is working great. Thanks!" J.

"I just wanted to let you know how incredibly satisfied I am with your equipment. I bought one transmitter and two receivers, all 3-channel, for my work as an interpreter in state and federal criminal courts. Thus far, I've had numerous opportunities to use my new equipment and have never had any issue with static or poor sound quality!!!! I always get clear sound with no issues at all.

Bottom line: GREAT equipment, GREAT price. I'll recommend you to others with no qualms at all !!! THANKS !!!!" R.C., North Carolina

"I purchased 2 transmitters and 10 receivers from you last year. I am now interested in purchasing some additional single-channel receivers."

"I tested your TN Communications transmitter/receiver in a manufacturing plant during my interpretation assignment with some background noise. They are small and light and worked well. They are inexpensive and useful for some interpretation environments."

"The equipment arrived on time. Ms. C and I are very pleased with it. I see that you will be in Portland in May for the NAJIT Conference. I'll drop by your table to say hello."



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